Partridge Community Church

The Mission of Partridge Community Church is to extend the love of God within and beyond our community through study, worship and sharing.

For assistance contact   Pastor - Sheridan Irick - Phone  405 - 317 - 3259

Worship Service Times
Traditional Service 11:00 a. m.
Sun. Sch.   Sept. - May 10:00 a. m.


Officers: 2020 Partridge Community Church

Clerk: Linda Henderson                                                     Music Director: Jim French

Treasurer : Michelle Mathias                                              Music Librarian: Judy Fitzemeier

Financial Secretary: Lisa French                                       Accompanists: Lisa French, Chris Terrill

Messenger: Ruth Terrill, Chris Terrill,                                Head Usher : Dave Love

                      Virginia Packebush

Landscaping: Chris Terrill                                                 Sound Engineer : Hiromi Iwashige

Historians: Phillip Pitzer, Chris Terrill, Ginger Stiggins   Acolytes:  Harrison Morris, Taylor Galloway, Ally  

Moderator : Jim French                                                      Service Committee : Judy Fritzemeier, Anita Wagler

Delegates: Robynn Sims, Dennis Perrin                           Christian Education Leaders :

                    Alternate: Jim French                                      

Deacons:                                                                             Library: Dennis Perrin, Robynn Sims

(2020) Tawnya Harner, Annette Mathias

(2019) Robynn Sims, Floyd 'Doc' King

(2018) Vicki Galloway, Jay Morris


Trustees:                                                                             Mission Committee: Joanie Oller, Judy O'Hara,

(2020) Jamie Funke, Max Schrader                                    Annette Mathias, Shelby Harner, Andrea Nisly

(2019) Danny Miller, Dave Morris

(2018) Chris Terrill, Doug Harner                                        Memorial Secretary: Kay Sipe