Partridge Community Church

The Mission of Partridge Community Church is to extend the love of God within and beyond our community through study, worship and sharing.

Sermon for Sept. 22, 2019

For assistance contact   Pastor - Sheridan Irick - Phone  405 - 317 - 3259

Worship Service Times
Traditional Service 11:00 a. m.
Sun. Sch.   Sept. - May 10:00 a. m.


Officers: 2019 Partridge Community Church

Clerk: Linda Henderson                                                     Music Director: Jim French

Treasurer : Michelle Mathias                                              Music Librarian: Judy Fitzemeier

Financial Secretary: Lisa French                                       Accompanists: Lisa French, Virginia Packebush,

                                                                                                                          Chris Terrill

Messenger: Ruth Terrill, Chris Terrill, Carol Pitzer,          Head Usher : Dave Love

                      Virginia Packebush

Landscaping: Chris Terrill                                                 Sound Engineer : Hiromi Iwashige

                                                                                                                 Asst.: Bill Franklin

Historians: Phillip Pitzer, Chris Terrill,                              Acolytes: Claire Miller, Sienna DeFrain, Amy Foster

                    Ginger Stiggins                                                                Gavin Foster, Sorrel DeFrain,

                                                                                                               Harrison Morris, Bayleigh Minnis

Moderator : Jim French                                                      Service Committee : Judy Fritzermeier, Anita Wagler

Delegates: Robynn Sims, Annette Mathias                      Christian Education Leader : Tonya Miller

                   Alternate: Jim French                                      Library: Dennis Perrin, Robynn Sims

Deacons: (2019) Robynn Sims, Floyd "Doc" King,         Mission Committee: Dave & Sue Morris,

                 (2018) Vicki Galloway & Jay Morris                                                      Annette Mathias,

                 (2017) Shelby Harner, Jeff DeFrain                                                      Shelby Harner,                        

Trustees: (2019) Danny Miller, Dave Morris                                                          Andrea Nisly

                 (2018) Chris Terrell, Wayne Henderson

                 (2017) Randy Mathias, Todd Miller


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