Partridge Community Church

The Mission of Partridge Community Church is to extend the love of God within and beyond our community through study, worship and sharing.

Special Art Collection:


Wall Hangings

Charcoal Rubbing (Virgin Mary): Gift of Jamie Funke/Chris Terrill

Raised Depiction (“Last Supper”) in narthex: Gift of

Picture (Joseph & Jesus as child): Ruth Terrill’s husband memory of

Stained Glass Cross Cabinet (Easter Lilies) over the piano:

Glass Mirrored Cross( over organ):

Wooden Dove/Cross: Gift of & Created by Claire Magnuson


Stained Glass Windows


Choir Room: In honor of Virginia Rose/Jim French/Former Choir Members & Directors

North alcove: Honor of Chris Terrill/Honor of Jamie Funke – Trustee Window

Fellowship Hall: Gathering of Animals to the Ark

Narthex (Arched): Original to the church over front doors

Sanctuary: Original to the church

Jesus Knocking -Cabinet Stained Glass: Gift of Barbra & Max Schrader

The Last Supper - Cabinet over Fellowship Hall entrance

Statue (Angelic Musicians): Gift of Ruth Eisiminger

Statue (Jesus & Children): Memorial in honor of Christopher Henderson

Pottery Plate (Nativity): Nicaraguan Mission Trip (2010)

Foot Path Stones: By Barbara Schrader

Pew (Located in Lobby): Original to the church


Special Memorials


Altar Furnishings

Brass Electric Candles

Wood Dish & Chalice: Nicaraguan made and remembering mission with Santa Emilia community.

Pottery Plate & Chalice

Brass Communion Trays

Altar Cloth embroidered cloth (Philippines)

Altar Cloth “In Remembrance”: Memory of Ella Brown & her husband


Chancel/Sanctuary Furnishings

Brass Candle Arbra

Brass Baptismal Bowl

Christ Candle – Memorial to either Huna’s or Brown’s (Check with Messenger

Advent Wreath & Candles – Either Huna’ or Brown’s (opposite of Christ candle memorial. This purchased first so who ever died first Grace of Ella this is their memorial and the Christ candle is a memorial to the other couple.

Cloth Nativity Set

Sound System

Grand Piano (Yamaha): Gift given by Pack & Virginia Rose Packebush



Lobby Furnishings

Oak Table: Gift in memory of Ella Brown

Walnut Table: Gift in memory of Ruth Terrill’s husband


Oak Room (Historical Library & Classroom) – memorial plaque is on the wall.

Oak Table

Oak Corner Shelf

Cabinetry: In memory of Vada O’Hara Lewis


Grier Classroom

Room itself originally designated as the older adult class. Furnished by Tina & Jay Morris and had served as youth classroom.




For assistance contact   Pastor - Sheridan Irick - Phone  405 - 317 - 3259

Worship Service Times
Traditional Service 11:00 a. m.
Sun. Sch.   Sept. - May 10:00 a. m.

Deacons: Travers Minnis, Shelby Harner, Joanie Oller, Jeff DeFrain, Vicki Galloway & Jay Morris

Trustees: Jamie Funke, Randy Mathias, Todd Miller, Max Schrader, Wayne Henderson, Chris Terrell


Tonya Miller : Christian Educ. Super t.

Jim French : Choir Director

Lisa French : Pianist

Virginia Packebush & Lisa French: Organist

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