Partridge Community Church

The Mission of Partridge Community Church is to extend the love of God within and beyond our community through study, worship and sharing.

PCC Memorials

Special Art Collection:


Wall Hangings

Charcoal Rubbing (Virgin Mary): Gift of Jamie Funke/Chris Terrill

Raised Depiction (“Last Supper”) in narthex: Gift of

Picture (Joseph & Jesus as child): Ruth Terrill’s husband memory of

Stained Glass Cross Cabinet (Easter Lilies) over the piano:

Glass Mirrored Cross( over organ):

Wooden Dove/Cross: Gift of & Created by Claire Magnuson


Stained Glass Windows


Choir Room: In honor of Virginia Rose/Jim French/Former Choir Members & Directors

North alcove: Honor of Chris Terrill/Honor of Jamie Funke – Trustee Window

Fellowship Hall: Gathering of Animals to the Ark

Narthex (Arched): Original to the church over front doors

Sanctuary: Original to the church

Jesus Knocking -Cabinet Stained Glass: Gift of Barbra & Max Schrader

The Last Supper - Cabinet over Fellowship Hall entrance

Statue (Angelic Musicians): Gift of Ruth Eisiminger

Statue (Jesus & Children): Memorial in honor of Christopher Henderson

Pottery Plate (Nativity): Nicaraguan Mission Trip (2010)

Foot Path Stones: By Barbara Schrader

Pew (Located in Lobby): Original to the church


Special Memorials


Altar Furnishings

Brass Electric Candles

Wood Dish & Chalice: Nicaraguan made and remembering mission with Santa Emilia community.

Pottery Plate & Chalice

Brass Communion Trays

Altar Cloth embroidered cloth (Philippines)

Altar Cloth “In Remembrance”: Memory of Ella Brown & her husband


Chancel/Sanctuary Furnishings

Brass Candle Arbra

Brass Baptismal Bowl

Christ Candle – Memorial to either Huna’s or Brown’s (Check with Messenger

Advent Wreath & Candles – Either Huna’ or Brown’s (opposite of Christ candle memorial. This purchased first so who ever died first Grace of Ella this is their memorial and the Christ candle is a memorial to the other couple.

Cloth Nativity Set

Sound System

Grand Piano (Yamaha): Gift given by Pack & Virginia Rose Packebush



Lobby Furnishings

Oak Table: Gift in memory of Ella Brown

Walnut Table: Gift in memory of Ruth Terrill’s husband


Oak Room (Historical Library & Classroom) – memorial plaque is on the wall.

Oak Table

Oak Corner Shelf

Cabinetry: In memory of Vada O’Hara Lewis


Grier Classroom

Room itself originally designated as the older adult class. Furnished by Tina & Jay Morris and had served as youth classroom.




For assistance contact   Pastor - Sheridan Irick - Phone  405 - 317 - 3259

Worship Service Times
Traditional Service 11:00 a. m.
Sun. Sch.   Sept. - May 10:00 a. m.

Deacons: Travers Minnis, Shelby Harner, Joanie Oller, Jeff DeFrain, Vicki Galloway & Jay Morris

Trustees: Jamie Funke, Randy Mathias, Todd Miller, Max Schrader, Wayne Henderson, Chris Terrell


Tonya Miller : Christian Educ. Super t.

Jim French : Choir Director

Lisa French : Pianist

Virginia Packebush & Lisa French: Organist

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