Partridge Community Church

The Mission of Partridge Community Church is to extend the love of God within and beyond our community through study, worship and sharing.

Partridge Community Church

   In 1874The First Church of Christ of Reno Center was organized by Rev. Samuel Dilley. In 1887 the church was moved into Partridge and renamed the Partridge Congregational Church.

   The Methodist Church resulted from the effort of the circuit riders and a church was built in 1884. This church was moved into Partridge and was known as the Partridge Methodist Church.

   The struggles of the two churches to keep alive and both financially and to keep ministers was hard.

   Early in the 1900s members of both congregations started discussion on a union. This was accomplished in 1924. October 20, 1926 a new brick church was dedicated under the leadership of Rev. C. A. Eshelman

   In 1962 the members voted to affiliate with the merger of the Congregational Christian and Evangelical Reformed Churches. A new modern front entrance to the church was completed in 1963. A new furnace and air conditioning units were installed in 1964. New cushioned pews and carpeting were added in 1965. A new organ was purchased. Dedication services for these improvements were held on June 12, 1966.

   Land was purchased and a new parsonage was built and dedicated Feb. 26, 1968.

   Ministers of the church have been: C. A. Eshelman 1924-1929; Edwin Bruce 1928-1929; Paul Hastings 1929-1934; Frank G. Richard 1934-1953; Julian Johnson 1953-1957; Sadaichi Asia (Japanese American) 1958-1964; Fred Moore 1964-1969; E. K. Bauman 1969-1971; The church rolls indicate a membership of 230.

   The 50th anniversary of this community church was observed in 1974.

Poem written about the Partridge Community Church

when Dr. Frank G. Richard was minister - by Aletha Love


The architect's plan of the church compares well

With many in cities...may even excel;

But what to my thinking really counts more,

Is the welcome received when you enter the door.


The ushers step forward and find you a seat;

The choir's trained voices give you a treat;

Heart stirring music....sweet anthems that bring

Worshipful thoughts of our Savior and king!


For assistance contact   Pastor - Sheridan Irick - Phone  405 - 317 - 3259

Worship Service Times
Traditional Service 11:00 a. m.
Sun. Sch.   Sept. - May 10:00 a. m.

Deacons: Travers Minnis, Shelby Harner, Joanie Oller, Jeff DeFrain, Vicki Galloway & Jay Morris

Trustees: Jamie Funke, Randy Mathias, Todd Miller, Max Schrader, Wayne Henderson, Chris Terrell


Tonya Miller : Christian Educ. Super t.

Jim French : Choir Director

Lisa French : Pianist

Virginia Packebush & Lisa French: Organist

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