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All about Lent at Partridge Community Church...

Ash Wednesday
From noon-7pm today, the church will be open for prayer. A guided prayer station will be set up in the sanctuary where you will have the opportunity to release something you would like to give up during this time, to remind yourself of mortality with the imposition of ashes, and take communion.

Be sure to check our Facebook page for a special song from Shelby Harner.

At 7pm this evening, we will hold a contemplative Ash Wednesday service. We will begin with the guided prayer station and then move into a time of reflection and contemplative prayer.

Devotional Word of the Day
Each day during Lent, we will focus on a devotional word of the day, accompanied by a scripture, a refection question, and a prayer.

You will be able to find these in your email, on the church Facebook page, or on the church’s new Instagram page (

We invite you to engage with the devotional words in a variety of ways. You use them as a journaling prompt or simply for a time of reflection. If you are on social media, you can share the daily post with friends, comment on the posts to respond to the reflection question, or even use the word as a prompt for your own post and share a related photo, poem, or thought (feel free to tag the church and use #PCCLent2021 so that we can see your posts).

Weekly Contemplative Services
Each Wednesday during Lent, at 7pm, we will offer a contemplative service. These services offer us a time to find respite for our busy lives and intentionally carve out space for silence, stillness, and prayer. We engage a variety of spiritual practices, exploring different ways of encountering the Holy.

This Lent, we’ll gather in person every other week and on Zoom in the in-between weeks so that you can participate in whatever way you are most comfortable.

Feb 17: In-Person
Feb 24: Zoom
March 3: In-Person
March 10: Zoom
March 17: In-Person
March 24: Zoom


Giving Up... For The Good
Sunday, February 21

Worship |  11 am (online)

It's the first week of Lent, and we'll begin our series on Giving Up. As we near the one-year mark of dealing with the pandemic, we've spent the last twelve months giving various things up: vacations, plans, choir, fellowship. In some ways, it feels like we've been in a year-long Lent, and the prospect of giving up something else may feel daunting and tiring. But what if we could think about giving up not as a command for denial, but as an opportunity for release? During this Lenten season, we'll explore together what we might give up that would lighten our load and bring us closer to the abundant life that Christ promises us.

We hope you'll join us on Facebook live on Sunday morning. Even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can access our service at the following link:


Holding in prayer...