Partridge Community Church
Guidelines for Use of the Church and Equipment

1. Contact the pastor to check availability and ask for permission to use the church. Phone number can be found on our web page. He/she will discuss guidelines and check with appropriate members of the church before committing to its use.

2. Church members and regular attendees will not be asked for rental fees except for janitor fee, but outside groups and individuals will need to pay the appropriate fees listed below and be responsibile for any damages.

3. Appropriate non-profit groups and organizations are welcome and will not be charged a fee. They are expected to clean up afterwards or pay the janitor fee. However, a donation to care for heat, lights, etc. would be appreciated.

4. A church member must be present for use of the sanctuary, kitchen or fellowship hall to take responsibility for the proper use of the equipment.

5. Equipment from the kitchen, sound equipment, tables, chairs, etc. should not leave the property unless permission has been obtained from one of the Trustees and must be returned promptly.

6. No smoking or alcohol allowed in the church.


Conduction of the service by the pastor - $100

Sanctuary Use - $100 a day ($50 for rehearsal)

Kitchen and Fellowship Hall - $100

Cleaning fees for janitor - $80

Set up tables and chairs inm fellowship Hall - $50